Bliv en bedre pokerspiller - se 7 gratis lektioner med Fedor Holz

Trods sin unge alder på kun 26 år, er tyskeren Fedor Holz allerede en pokerlegende, der har skrevet sig ind i historiebøgerne. Fedor Holz har vundet over 32 millioner dollars i sin karriere som pokerspiller. 

Vi påstår ikke, at du kan blive den nye fedor Holz og mangemillioner på at spille poker, men vi er overbevist om, at du kan lære en del ved se de 7 gratis undervisningslektioner, som du finder på

Her de 7 undervisningslektioner

Lesson 01

3:28 min
What separates the Best
How did Fedor Holz go from playing NL2 in the basement with his friends towards climbing the stakes to the absolute top?

Lesson 02

3:34 min
How to think like a Pro
What do pro poker players focus on? What do they think whilst hands and away from the tables? Get a deep insight into Fedor Holz’ perspective about mindset, focus and dealing with bad beats, bad streaks and the daily grind.

Lesson 03

2:16 min
The Art of Learning
Why are so many players stuck in progress? How can you get better and train efficiently? Let Fedor introduce the most common mistakes players make and how he teamed up with Matthias Eibinger to introduce an interactive learning model in the Pokercode.

Lesson 04

5:09 min
Basic Preflop Fundamentals
How positions influence the approach to a poker hand, How stackdepths let ranges vary throughout all possible scenarios, Pot odds and equity.

Lesson 05

10:35 min
Advanced Preflop Fundamentals
Why equity is not simply equity, What mixed strategies are and when to (not) use them, How blockers influence ranges and can lead you to make the optimal decision.

Lesson 06

10:23 min
Flop Intro
Learn what to consider when making optimal decisions postflop, Get to know the influence of the important factors such as position or stack size for approaching every spot imaginable optimally.

Lesson 07

6:12 min
How to Exploit Live
How and when to exploit your opponent's live game weaknesses, Considering and processing the information gained at the poker table.

Hvorfor du skal tjekke ud, har de et par bud på her:

  • Winrate Boost your winrate by my world class adjusts and exploits
  • GTO Solutions Advanced and state of the art GTO solutions provided by Matthias Eibinger
  • Positional Strategy Detailed positional strategy with various stack sizes
  • Constant Growth Consistent and cohesive approach throughout the whole course
  • ICM-module In-depth ICM-module to avoid costly mistakes in tournament endgame
  • Progress Guaranteed progress through our unique active learning model
  • Live Game Live game lectures including reads, tells and table imaging
  • Mindset Special mindset, BRM and game selection lectures
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